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Here at Sajirah we offer screening and assessments in the following areas:


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We aim to maintain the highest level of confidentiality to our clients both students & adults. Our goal is to provide such screening and assessment tools at affordable costs; in a timely manner.

At Sajirah, the use of such screening and assessment tool will help students and adults unlock their fullest potential.

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About Us

For the past eight years, our directors and team members have dedicated our service to provide affordable tools and services that will aid children and adults in various aspects of their daily lives.

We offer screening and assessments in a wide range of areas for children and adults. We also cater Intervention and counselling/therapy needs, Staff Support & Workshops for schools and Cooperations, Parent & Teacher workshops etc.

Reports generated are detailed and inclusive of INTERVENTION RECOMMENDATIONS. Clinical consultation is available with our clinical psychologist.

Our Team

Sajirah’s team comprises of professionals in Assessment Administration, Family Systems Therapy, Parenting Workshops, Group Intervention, Counselling, Child Resilience Programmes & Personal Development Coaching etc.

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